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Class-A Fire Retardant Wood Deck

Chino Hills, CA.
TimberSIL glass wood used here to build a Class-A fire retardant patio cover deck with a great view. The hills of San Bernardino County have been hit repeatedly with wildfire storms over the last decade. Chino Hills, now listed as a W.U.I. (Wildland Urban Interface) area, Cal Fire’s determined high fire severity zones, has to abide by new building codes and fire restrictions that require Class-A or Ignition Resistant building materials used for outdoor applications, designed to save lives and homes.

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TimberSIL glass wood meets fire restrictions put forth by Cal Fire. TimberSIL is listed in their W.U.I. Handbook under “Ignition Resistant” (Class-A fire retardant after weathering). TimberSIL glass wood is construction grade lumber impregnated with a non-toxic liquid glass formula that is solidified while inside the wood, protecting the wood fiber from rot and insects as well as fire.