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Alt Build Expo

2010 – 7th Annual
Alternative Building Materials & Design Expo presented by the City of Santa Monica.

The Expo will feature over 150 carefully selected exhibitors who represent the best of Green Building & Design Materials, Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Water Conservation Products, Environmental Plumbing, Sustainable Landscaping, Waste Management, State Agencies, Utilities, Non Profits and Municipalities.

TimberSIL® will be exhibiting the only EPA Approved Non-Toxic alternative to pressure treated wood and fire retardant treated wood. Pressure treated wood (PT) is used  were wood has direct ground or water contact, causing untreated wood to decay. Traditionally PT is treated with a combination of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and heavy metals to fend off decay organisms such as insects and fungus enabling a longer life span of the wood.

TimberSIL® uses Non-Toxic glass, that in it’s liquid state penetrates the cellulose fibers of the wood, creating a glass matrix. TimberSIL® fortifies the wood fibers in glass, harmlessly blocking decay organisms from entry. Glass inside of wood has many other benefits, it has amazing fire retardant properties and also significantly increases the strength and hardness of the lumber, allowing for increased spans and use of less material.


Santa Barbara Custom Home, Jesusita Fire Rebuild – part 1

Sadly hundreds of homes were lost in resent years to wildfires in the Santa Barbara and Montecito area.  Now, we are starting to see some the first of these homes being rebuilt. With new building codes and fire regulations in place, builders  and designers are left with only a handful of approved building materials that can be used in the construction of these homes. The California State Fire Marshal’s Office publishes a handbook for builders that lists the approved materials for use in high fire areas called the W.U.I. (Wildland Urban Interface) Handbook.

TimberSIL glass wood achieved the highest classification available by the state, being listed as “Ignition Resistant”, passing the 30 minute fire test after undergoing an accelerated weathering process to ensure the fire retardant material will withstand the elements.

This custom home being built in Santa Barbara’s beautiful Mission Canyon utilized TimberSIL wood 2×6 tongue and groove (T&G) to support the roof, along with TimberSIL  wood 6×8 rafter tails. To achieve a rough-sawn look, the  TimberSIL wood for this project was “re-sawn” at the local saw mill, the wood was then stained and sealed with Sikkens exterior wood stain. The 6×8’s were stained  dark and a clear sealer was applied to the 2×6 T&G.

Bob Easton AIA Architects

Painted TimberSIL® wood deck

Didn’t this deck come out great? Newave Construction did a phenomenal job.

The deck and the substructure are constructed of TimberSIL® glass wood  and deck surface was painted gray to match the house, the white hand-rail and posts are a composite decking hand-rail system from Trex®.

Newave Construction Inc.
Commercial & Residential General Contractor
Office Phone: (909) 484-3444

Glass Wood Patio Cover – Grammy Headquarters Santa Monica, CA

It’s been a full year since we opened TimberSIL® California in March of 2009 and what a year it’s been. In just our first year we have seen exciting TimberSIL® projects go in all over California. Including projects at The W Hotel, Disneyland, a famous actress’ house in the bay area, and all the exterior wood on new multi-million dollar custom homes built in San Diego and Montecito.

One of the first projects we supplied TimberSIL® wood for when we opened, was a large patio cover at the Grammy Headquarters in Santa Monica, CA constructed by Seeley Brothers a high end mill-work company out of Brea, CA.

These are photos of the TimberSIL® patio cover after one year.

Glass Wood Park Benches – Irvine, CA

Yet another great application for TimberSIL Glass Wood… These park benches are in a private community in Irvine Lakes, California. Originally the horizontal slats on the benches were made of a composite wood product, but after a couple years in the Southern California sun the composite wood started to sag, discolor and crack. Not wanting to discard the perfectly good wrought iron pieces of the benches, the association started looking for a product that could hold up outside, not rot and be strong enough for the residents to sit on. TimberSIL was the answer, it’s extremely strong, much stronger than the composites, it’s even stronger than Doug Fir, and TimberSIL won’t rot or burn.

While the glass in TimberSIL protects the wood fibers from rot and decay, TimberSIL glass wood will still absorb moisture and dry out like natural wood.  TimberSIL should be painted or sealed to protect the wood from moisture. As you can see in the picture the customer used a product made by Varathane called Spar Urethane for Outdoor use #2501 to coat the TimberSIL wood. It seems to be holding up very well, these photos were taken 6 months after installation and here in California we had one of the wettest winters on record.