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TimberSIL® featured in MSN Real Estate article

17 innovative ways to take the grunt work out of home maintenance

#10. Long-lasting, fire-resistant wood decks

Wood decks are gorgeous but eventually decay and must be replaced. A 2007 study on the life expectancy of building components by the National Association of Home Builders found that wood decks last about 20 years, in general — as long as 30 years in north-facing and dry areas, as few as 10 facing south. Also, in hot, dry, fire-prone regions, decks can be a fire hazard when wind-blown embers and ash are in the air. TimberSIL treated lumber was chosen by Environmental Building News as one of its top 10 GreenSpec products in 2004. TimberSIL ($2.25 to $2.50 a linear foot, compared with roughly $2.75 to $3.75 for top-quality composites and $1.50 for kiln-dried wood decking) “petrifies wood by treating it with silica,” creating a wood product that’s nontoxic, noncorrosive and a Class A fire retardant, says EBN editor Peter Yost. The manufacturer calls the stuff  “glass wood,” since the glass is infused into the spaces between the fibers in the wood, a Southern yellow pine. “You can have a raging fire and it just sits there and looks at you,” says TimberSIL representative Rick Dixon (view a test on YouTube). Maintenance is the same as with other wood decks, but TimberSIL is warrantied for 40 years against rot and decay. It should last three to four times longer than a conventional wood deck, Dixon says.


TimberSIL® Non-Toxic Marine Pilings

TimberSIL® is well known for its Class-A Fire Rated Glass-Wood Decking, known on the West Coast as “wood won’t burn”, but TimberSIL® processes much more than just deck boards. TimberSIL® processed Glass-Wood is available in most dimensional lumber sizes, such as 1×4, 1×6, 2×4 to 2×12, 4×4 to 4×12… up to 12×12 in lengths 8-20ft.

Non-Toxic TimberSIL® Poles and Piling are also available up to 38ft that can be used for marine applications in place of the environmental harmful treated wood poles and pilings currently installed.  To protect the wood fibers from being eaten by insects and fungi, Treated Wood, for years, have used toxic chemicals and heavy metal that leach out into the water . TimberSIL® Glass-Wood is put through a patented process that uses a non-toxic glass formula to protect the wood fibers.  TimberSIL® is the only wood protection process to ever receive the EPA’s approval as a Non-Toxic Barrier against insects.

Help Clean Up the Water… TimberSIL® Glass-Wood Poles & Pilings.

California: (866) Wood-551

Florida: (858) 385-3284

California Building Code 12-7A-4 part A

Western Fire Center, Inc.
Report #09084

Testing of TimberSIL Decking in Accordance with CSFM Test Procedure 12-7A-4, Part A, and the San Diego County Modification to the SFM 12-7A-4 Part B Requirements…
TimberSIL SYP wood decking was successfully evaluated for conformity with California Building Code, Chapter 7A and San Diego County Wildland building code requirements in this test program. Information submitted by the client also provides substantiation that TimberSIL wood decking meets the California Chapter 7A requirement for Ignition Resistant Material (IRM).

Part A: Under Flame Test
1: Peak heat release rate of less than or equal to 25kW/ft2 (269 KW/m2)
2: Absence of sustained flaming at the conclusion of the 40-minute observation period.
3: Absence of structural failure of any deck board.
4: Absence of falling particles that are still burning when reaching the floor.

California Building Code 12-7A-4 part B

Western Fire Center, Inc.
Report #09084

Part B: Burning Brand Test
1: Absence of sustained Flaming at the conclusion of the 40-minute observation period.
2: Absence of structural failure of any deck board.
3: Absence of falling particles that are still burning when reaching the floor.

In The News: Santa Barbara Independent

Fire Resistant “Wood” Heads West

Safe, Eco-Friendly, Treated Wood Tests Off State Fire Marshal’s Charts

Monday, November 9, 2009
Considering Santa Barbara’s remarkable susceptibility to wildfires and the resultant destruction of hundreds of homes in recent years, we seem to have two options: move ASAP, or fireproof our lives. Remarkably, the latter of these options may not be as impossible as it sounds. The growing popularity and geographical spread of TimberSIL, which is being advertised as the most fire-resistant treated-wood product to date, may just be exactly what it takes for Santa Barbarans to fear not the fire….