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Elementary School Garden Beds

TimberSIL® glass wood can be used for ground contact in environmentally sensitive areas such as schools and wetlands where the use of pesticides are not permitted. EPA approved non-leaching and non-toxic, TimberSIL’s glass protects the wood from rot and insects without the use of harmful chemicals.

TimberSIL® is the ideal wood product for organic raised vegetable beds and planter boxes. Below are photos of raised planter boxes built out of TimberSIL® glass wood at a Los Angeles Unified School District elementary school.

*Photos taken over one year after installation.


Fire Retardant Wood Deck

TimberSIL® glass wood, used to build this beautiful wood deck in Southern California, is Class-A fire retardant and insect resistant wood. TimberSIL® is listed by the California State Fire Marshals Office as an “Ignition Resistant”  building material in the Cal Fire Wildland Urban Interface (W.U.I.) Handbook. (Class-A after weathering)

TimberSIL® glass wood is also listed by the EPA as a “Non-Toxic Barrier Product”, meaning TimberSIL® stops insects with only a physical barrier and without the use of pesticides. Making TimberSIL an excellent choice for building in both environmentally sensitive areas as well as in California’s high fire zones.

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Non-Toxic Wood Raised Garden Beds

TimberSIL® wood 4×4’s used to construct raised vegetable garden beds in the Solano Canyon Community Garden in Downtown Los Angeles, next to the 101 freeway. FedEx and The LA Conservation Corps donated workers to install the replacement beds.

The Solano Canyon Community Garden is almost five acres in size.  Two thirds of the space is devoted to an orchard and hillside planting beds for non local farmers. The remainder consists of common areas and 30 individual garden plots.

TimberSIL® wood was chosen for its non-toxic rot and insect resistance, using glass rather than pesticides to protect the wood fiber from bugs and fungus. Unlike conventional  pressure treated wood (pesticidel), TimberSIL® can be installed directly in the ground without leaching toxic chemicals into the soil. TimberSIL® is the only EPA approved product of its kind. This is especially important in an application like this where food is grown in close proximity to the wood. (read the warning labels on pressure treated wood, DO NOT use pressure-treated wood in circumstances where the preservative may become a component of food, ie: raised beds)

The Garden Master was quoted saying “We are a poor non-profit and even though TimberSIL® is more expensive, it’s cost effective in the long run to pay a higher price now because the cost of continually replacing beds is far greater.”  Adding “I heard of TimberSIL® just over a year ago on the radio, it sounded like such a great product we decided to try it out on a single bed as a test. One year later that bed is the nicest looking bed in the garden and surprisingly it seems TimberSIL is too hard for even gofers to chew through. The TimberSIL® raised bed was the only one in the entire garden that didn’t have any gopher damage.”

Wow TimberSIL® is gopher resistant too, I like it!

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