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Ipe deck surface – TimberSIL wood substructure

This gorgeous Ipe wood deck, built on top of a TimberSIL® wood substructure, comes to us from the high fire area of Ventura County. As you can see by the view from the deck, this home is surrounded by wild land. The State of California has classified areas where residence and wildlife meet as high fire severity zones, grouping them into the Wildland Urban Interface, better know as W.U.I. Homes in these listed areas must abide by a stricter set of fire codes designed to save lives in the case of a wildfire.

As you know, TimberSIL® has a Class-A fire rating and meets the guidelines set forth by the state to be used in the high fire areas. Ipe, the  Brazilian hardwood used on this deck, also has a natural resistance to fire. While not listed by the State, some cities allow Ipe to be used in the high fire zones. Ipe wood has a beautiful look and is very durable, so it’s great for decks, although it is much more expensive than TimberSIL and very heavy and hard to work with. This is why TimberSIL is used for the substructure and Ipe is not used throughout.

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The TimberSIL® wood seen here was stained with a solid color Cabot oil stain to match the color of house. It looks great!


Ceiling-Lid Tongue and groove

TimberSIL® wood 1×6 tongue and groove used here to achieve a Class-A fire retardant and Ignition Resistant ceiling lid on this patio.

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TimberSIL® products stocked in 1x boards and 2x dimensional sizes can be milled to order. Lumber patterns include shiplap and tongue and groove, milled with a butt-joint or v-groove profiles. The surface comes S2S (smooth two sides), or a reversible S1S (re-sawn one face).