Class-A Fire Rated Wood Siding

Santa Barbara, CA

New construction in all California’s high fire zones, labeled as the Wildland Urban Interface (W.U.I), requires all exterior wood be listed as “Ignition Resistant” (Class-A after weathering). TimberSIL wood is one of a small group of real wood siding products approved by the state to be used in these high fire areas. TimberSIL the only non-toxic product of the bunch.

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For more information on products approved by the California State Fire Marshals Office for use in high fire severity zones please see the Cal Fire W.U.I Handbook
TimberSIL Products is listed under: Ignition-Resistant Materials (ASTM E84 for 30 Min. with Accelerated Weathering Test)


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  1. Posted by alfonso avila on October 18, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    is the product approved in the city of los angeles. (L.A.R.R. #)


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