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Decking, Hardrail, Pickets and Siding

These photos come to us from the hills of the Apache National Forest in Arizona. The home owner used TimberSIL® wood for a number of applications on his house including decking, handrail, 3×3 pickets and some tongue and groove siding on a swinging storage door entering the garage.

Being this close to the forest and the wild land, wildfires are always a concern. Termite damaged and wood rot are also a continuing problem for wooden structures in the wet mountains area.

TimberSIL® wood addresses both  these issues, listed as “Ignition Resistant” (Class-A fire retardant after weathering) by the California State Fire Marshal’s office and as a “Non-Toxic Barrier Product” by the EPA for stopping insects without the use of pesticides. TimberSIL® is the only wood building material that can be used for ground contact as well as having Class-A fire resistance.

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