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TimberSIL® Beams – Grammy Headquarters

26 TimberSIL® beams (4x10x16) were installed on the west side of the building at the Recording Academy’s Headquarters in Santa Monica, constructing a large patio cover. The exterior beams were required by the new fire code to be Ignition-Resistant, that’s exactly what TimberSIL® is, “Ignition-Resistant” listed by the California State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Installed by SEELEY BROTHERS out of Brea, CA

Cal Fire W.U.I. Handbook


TimberSIL® raised garden for Mt. Washington Elementary School

The Mt. Washington Elementary School P.T.A. in Los Angeles, CA we be installing new TimberSIL®  Vegetable Gardens on campus this week. The LA Conservation Corps was kind enough to pick up and deliver the TimberSIL wood to the school.

TimberSIL® Raised Vegetable Garden – Solano Garden (Los Angeles, CA)

Photos Submitted by: LA Conservation Corps.  These pictures are of TimberSIL glass wood used to make a raised vegetable garden at the Solano Garden in Los Angeles, CA. TimberSIL glass wood’s non-toxic resistance to rot and insects make it the perfect choice.

Does TimberSIL® Glass Wood have ICC approval?

ICC approval is required when the manufacturing process changes the properties of the wood itself by more than 10%, resulting in a deviation from UBC standards, which is not the case for TimberSIL® Glass Wood. Specifically, according to the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) rules…”Materials that reduce properties of wood by 10% or less carry the inspections and certifications of the wood itself”. TimberSIL® Glass Wood therefore requires no ICC approval and is certified and inspected by SPIB, TPI, and WWP, and carries one or more of these stamps of approval on each piece of wood.

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