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TimberSIL® Deck Fire Test Video

This test shows not only how Fire Resistant TimberSIL® is but just how flammable the alternative materials are. Not to mention the black smoke they let off.

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TimberSIL® wood fire rated shutters

Our friends over at Good Millworks have built fire rated shutters out of TimberSIL® wood. They look great!

Good Millworks has also carved siding, crown molding and wood shingles out of TimberSIL®, so as you can see TimberSIL® wood can be milled and used for many different applications.

Picture courtesy of:

Picture courtesy of:

TimberSIL Fascia Board Retro-fit

Another post from Medina Construction Development, a Southern California-based contractor.

This time Medina Construction replaced rotted fascia board with TimberSIL Wood on a southern California Home.

2x12 TimberSIL Wood Fascia Board painted white

2x12 TimberSIL Wood Fascia Board painted white

Medina Construction
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TimberSIL wood – Carbon Canyon Wildfire Awareness Show

Testing TimberSIL’s fire resistance, a Carbon Canyon resident torches a sample piece of TimberSIL to see if it really won’t burn… You can’t do that to regular wood!

This video features a blow-torch wielding Southern California woman testing TimberSIL’s amazing fire resistance. The fire is applied to the glass-infused southern yellow pine, but the wood is an impenetrable barrier against it.
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TimberSIL Wood Gate

This gate was made by Mr. Rulla, Southern California Resident, out of TimberSIL wood. The old gate had been rotted out and eaten by termites. Tom said TimberSIL was easy to work with and the gate came out good.

Thanks Tom,

As you can see TimberSIL can be cut, drilled & painted like natural wood. It looks great!

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