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Benifits of TimberSIL

Benifits of TimberSIL GlassWood

If a fire attacks TimberSIL® Glass Infused Wood the glassy portion keeps TimberSIL® from catching fire and prevents the flame from spreading, saving your home, property and potentially your life.

TimberSIL has been awarded the first (as of now only) EPA Approved barrier product exemption, qualifying TimberSIL for the non-toxic barrier exemption of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) part 152.10 Code of Federal Regulations (40 C.F.R.) because TimberSIL is not intended to “prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate a pest” and that it is “intended to exclude pests only by providing a physical barrier against pest access.”

Consumers can use decks and patios built with TimberSIL® without fear of losing their homes to fire from grilling accidents or accidents due to cigarettes or candles that cause a deck to catch fire. Their homes will not be among the 2,600 homes that burn to the ground each year because their decks caught fire and spread to the house, causing an estimated $1 billion in losses.



TimberSIL Approved By California State Fire Marshal

As of April 3, 2009 TimberSIL was approved By the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Office of the State Fire Marshal as an Ignition-Resistant Materials (ASTM E84 for 30 Min. with Accelerated Weathering Test). In The Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Products Handbook, Published by CAL-FIRE FIRE ENGINEERING DIVISION BUILDING MATERIALS LISTING PROGRAM.

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