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Non-Toxic Wood Raised Garden Beds

Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Solano Valley Community Garden wooden hillside raised garden beds.
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Two years ago after hearing ads on the radio, Al Renner, garden master of the Solano Community Garden, decided to build a prototype TimberSIL wood raised bed to test TimberSIL wood’s non-toxic resistance to weather, insects and wear. After two years the TimberSIL wood 4×4’s shows no signs of wear, rot or deterioration. A year later a larger second TimberSIL bed was built by inner city youth provided by Homeboy Industries and the LA Conservation Corps. While the construction of the second bed was not as sturdy as the first, the TimberSIL wood itself shows no signs of rot or deterioration.


Picnic Shelter – Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point, CA

This is an absolutely beautiful TimberSIL wood Orange County Parks project, built on the bluff in Dana Point, CA over looking the Pacific Ocean. All the TimberSIL wood 4×6’s were custom ordered with corbel end details milled prior to going through the TimberSIL glass impregnation process to insure maximum protection against rot and decay.

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Architect: Swift Lee Office
Contractor: Sanders Construction Services

Fire Retardant Wood Deck

TimberSIL® glass wood, used to build this beautiful wood deck in Southern California, is Class-A fire retardant and insect resistant wood. TimberSIL® is listed by the California State Fire Marshals Office as an “Ignition Resistant”  building material in the Cal Fire Wildland Urban Interface (W.U.I.) Handbook. (Class-A after weathering)

TimberSIL® glass wood is also listed by the EPA as a “Non-Toxic Barrier Product”, meaning TimberSIL® stops insects with only a physical barrier and without the use of pesticides. Making TimberSIL an excellent choice for building in both environmentally sensitive areas as well as in California’s high fire zones.

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TimberSIL® Deck – Children’s Aquarium, Dallas, TX

The Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park has closed for an extensive remodeling. The historic art deco facility will be redesigned and renamed The Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park. It is scheduled to reopen in 2010.

They are remodeling the Aquarium with the needs of families with small children in mind. Gregg Hudson, executive director of The Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park and the Dallas Zoo, said “The smaller size of the facility is ideal for young kids, and they are going to love the colorful exhibits and child-friendly features we have in store.”

TimberSIL® glass fortified wood is used on this deck as a non-toxic alternative to conventional pressure treated wood that uses copper and arsenic to fend off pests. TimberSIL® is much safer for children to be around and playing on, TimberSIL® is the only EPA approved preserved wood product, stopping pests with only the use of a physical barrier and WITHOUT THE USE OF PESTICIDES. The  warning labels on conventional pressure treated wood clearly state it should  be kept away from food and handled with gloves at all times, that was just not an option in this play area. Kids will be kids and they will be crawling over this deck so it needed to be safe.

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Photo’s provided by:
Shake & Shingle Supply Inc., Dallas
200 East Beltline Road
Coppell, TX 75019

Alt Build Expo

2010 – 7th Annual
Alternative Building Materials & Design Expo presented by the City of Santa Monica.

The Expo will feature over 150 carefully selected exhibitors who represent the best of Green Building & Design Materials, Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Water Conservation Products, Environmental Plumbing, Sustainable Landscaping, Waste Management, State Agencies, Utilities, Non Profits and Municipalities.

TimberSIL® will be exhibiting the only EPA Approved Non-Toxic alternative to pressure treated wood and fire retardant treated wood. Pressure treated wood (PT) is used  were wood has direct ground or water contact, causing untreated wood to decay. Traditionally PT is treated with a combination of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and heavy metals to fend off decay organisms such as insects and fungus enabling a longer life span of the wood.

TimberSIL® uses Non-Toxic glass, that in it’s liquid state penetrates the cellulose fibers of the wood, creating a glass matrix. TimberSIL® fortifies the wood fibers in glass, harmlessly blocking decay organisms from entry. Glass inside of wood has many other benefits, it has amazing fire retardant properties and also significantly increases the strength and hardness of the lumber, allowing for increased spans and use of less material.

Pool Deck Substructure, Hollywood CA

TimberSIL Glass Wood was used for the substructure of this beautiful pool deck built on the roof of the new W Hotel located on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. The decking surface used is an exotic Brazilian hardwood called Ipe that is resistant to fire and rot because of its high density and it naturally contains crystalline silica. Ipe is the signature wood of the W Hotel and used in all their locations.

Originally, the entire deck structure was specified to be built out of Ipe, substructure and all, because all wood used on this project was required to be fire rated and be rot resistant. The contractors decided to use TimberSIL for a number of reasons. Fist, the cost, TimberSIL is less than 1/2 the price of Ipe. Second, TimberSIL is much lighter, easier to work with and safer to use than Ipe. Special precautions must be taken to ensure the worker safety when working with Ipe, this is not the case when working with the Non-Toxic TimberSIL. Ipe is also very hard on tools such as saws and drill bits, so using TimberSIL for the bulk of the job saved money on labor and equipment.

TimberSIL® wood Window Trim – Laguna Beach

TimberSIL® was used on this ocean front home in Laguna Beach, CA to replace old rotted window trim. This amazing property is a historic home and needed real wood to maintain the original look. Laguna Beach, is high fire hazard area and next to the ocean, this home needed wood that would not rot or burn… TimberSIL® was the answer.

*All the wood painted white in these photographs is TimberSIL® wood.

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