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Picnic Shelter – Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point, CA

This is an absolutely beautiful TimberSIL wood Orange County Parks project, built on the bluff in Dana Point, CA over looking the Pacific Ocean. All the TimberSIL wood 4×6’s were custom ordered with corbel end details milled prior to going through the TimberSIL glass impregnation process to insure maximum protection against rot and decay.

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Architect: Swift Lee Office
Contractor: Sanders Construction Services


Olive View UCLA Medical Center

Sylmar, CA
A great deal of Class-A fire retardant TimberSIL glass-wood was used on the new Olive View UCLA Medical Center. TimberSIL is the only EPA approved non-toxic preserved wood product with a Class-A fire rating (TimberSIL also resists insects and rot). The Sayre Fire, also known as the Sylmar Fire, in November 2008, resulted in the loss of 489 residences in Los Angeles. Sylmar is designated as one of California’s many high fire zones and requires all structures to be built with Class-A fire retardant building materials.

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Olive View-UCLA Medical Center is a hospital located in the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It is one of the primary health care delivery systems in the north San Fernando Valley. The hospital was founded in 1920 as a tuberculosis (TB) sanatorium. In 1962, Olive View Hospital performed the first open heart surgery successfully in the San Fernando Valley, and one of the first in Southern California. Unfortunately, damage during the 1971 San Fernando earthquake included the collapse of structures at Olive View Hospital. The rebuilt Olive View UCLA Medical Center was opened in 1987.

The 2008 Sayre Fire caused damage to several outbuildings, and an evacuation of the intensive care patients from the hospital. The hospital is currently undergoing a major rebuilding project, replacing most of the existing facility with a new, state-of-the-art medical center offering optimal inpatient facilities, and the newly opened 16,000-square-foot Emergency Center.


Class-A Fire Retardant Wood Deck

Chino Hills, CA.
TimberSIL glass wood used here to build a Class-A fire retardant patio cover deck with a great view. The hills of San Bernardino County have been hit repeatedly with wildfire storms over the last decade. Chino Hills, now listed as a W.U.I. (Wildland Urban Interface) area, Cal Fire’s determined high fire severity zones, has to abide by new building codes and fire restrictions that require Class-A or Ignition Resistant building materials used for outdoor applications, designed to save lives and homes.

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TimberSIL glass wood meets fire restrictions put forth by Cal Fire. TimberSIL is listed in their W.U.I. Handbook under “Ignition Resistant” (Class-A fire retardant after weathering). TimberSIL glass wood is construction grade lumber impregnated with a non-toxic liquid glass formula that is solidified while inside the wood, protecting the wood fiber from rot and insects as well as fire.

Ceiling-Lid Tongue and groove

TimberSIL® wood 1×6 tongue and groove used here to achieve a Class-A fire retardant and Ignition Resistant ceiling lid on this patio.

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TimberSIL® products stocked in 1x boards and 2x dimensional sizes can be milled to order. Lumber patterns include shiplap and tongue and groove, milled with a butt-joint or v-groove profiles. The surface comes S2S (smooth two sides), or a reversible S1S (re-sawn one face).

Non-Toxic Wood Raised Garden Beds

TimberSIL® wood 4×4’s used to construct raised vegetable garden beds in the Solano Canyon Community Garden in Downtown Los Angeles, next to the 101 freeway. FedEx and The LA Conservation Corps donated workers to install the replacement beds.

The Solano Canyon Community Garden is almost five acres in size.  Two thirds of the space is devoted to an orchard and hillside planting beds for non local farmers. The remainder consists of common areas and 30 individual garden plots.

TimberSIL® wood was chosen for its non-toxic rot and insect resistance, using glass rather than pesticides to protect the wood fiber from bugs and fungus. Unlike conventional  pressure treated wood (pesticidel), TimberSIL® can be installed directly in the ground without leaching toxic chemicals into the soil. TimberSIL® is the only EPA approved product of its kind. This is especially important in an application like this where food is grown in close proximity to the wood. (read the warning labels on pressure treated wood, DO NOT use pressure-treated wood in circumstances where the preservative may become a component of food, ie: raised beds)

The Garden Master was quoted saying “We are a poor non-profit and even though TimberSIL® is more expensive, it’s cost effective in the long run to pay a higher price now because the cost of continually replacing beds is far greater.”  Adding “I heard of TimberSIL® just over a year ago on the radio, it sounded like such a great product we decided to try it out on a single bed as a test. One year later that bed is the nicest looking bed in the garden and surprisingly it seems TimberSIL is too hard for even gofers to chew through. The TimberSIL® raised bed was the only one in the entire garden that didn’t have any gopher damage.”

Wow TimberSIL® is gopher resistant too, I like it!

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TimberSIL® Deck – Children’s Aquarium, Dallas, TX

The Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park has closed for an extensive remodeling. The historic art deco facility will be redesigned and renamed The Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park. It is scheduled to reopen in 2010.

They are remodeling the Aquarium with the needs of families with small children in mind. Gregg Hudson, executive director of The Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park and the Dallas Zoo, said “The smaller size of the facility is ideal for young kids, and they are going to love the colorful exhibits and child-friendly features we have in store.”

TimberSIL® glass fortified wood is used on this deck as a non-toxic alternative to conventional pressure treated wood that uses copper and arsenic to fend off pests. TimberSIL® is much safer for children to be around and playing on, TimberSIL® is the only EPA approved preserved wood product, stopping pests with only the use of a physical barrier and WITHOUT THE USE OF PESTICIDES. The  warning labels on conventional pressure treated wood clearly state it should  be kept away from food and handled with gloves at all times, that was just not an option in this play area. Kids will be kids and they will be crawling over this deck so it needed to be safe.

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Photo’s provided by:
Shake & Shingle Supply Inc., Dallas
200 East Beltline Road
Coppell, TX 75019

TimberSIL® 2×4 Patio Cover Lattice

Another beautiful patio cover re-built with TimberSIL® glass fortified wood. The original patio cover on this Huntington Beach home had Doug Fir rough sawn 2×2’s running perpendicular from the house, leaving a unique shade pattern that the homeowner liked very much. After a number of years, the damage from insects and rot took there toll and the lattice work was no longer safe to walk on. Not wanting to continually replace the structure every couple of years they decided to use TimberSIL® glass wood. (2×2 TimberSIL® is not available in long lengths, substituted 2×4 TimberSIL®)

It looks great!

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