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TimberSIL wood folding park / sun bench

Malibu, CA

Here is a very nice and versatile folding wood bench built with TimberSIL wood. As shown below it can be used to lay flat, fold up for a park bench style or a sun bench style.

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Built by Ray the handy man: (310) 457-5838


Santa Barbara Custom Home, Jesusita Fire Rebuild – part 1

Sadly hundreds of homes were lost in resent years to wildfires in the Santa Barbara and Montecito area.  Now, we are starting to see some the first of these homes being rebuilt. With new building codes and fire regulations in place, builders  and designers are left with only a handful of approved building materials that can be used in the construction of these homes. The California State Fire Marshal’s Office publishes a handbook for builders that lists the approved materials for use in high fire areas called the W.U.I. (Wildland Urban Interface) Handbook.

TimberSIL glass wood achieved the highest classification available by the state, being listed as “Ignition Resistant”, passing the 30 minute fire test after undergoing an accelerated weathering process to ensure the fire retardant material will withstand the elements.

This custom home being built in Santa Barbara’s beautiful Mission Canyon utilized TimberSIL wood 2×6 tongue and groove (T&G) to support the roof, along with TimberSIL  wood 6×8 rafter tails. To achieve a rough-sawn look, the  TimberSIL wood for this project was “re-sawn” at the local saw mill, the wood was then stained and sealed with Sikkens exterior wood stain. The 6×8’s were stained  dark and a clear sealer was applied to the 2×6 T&G.

Bob Easton AIA Architects

TimberSIL® Deck – Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach has suffered major devastation caused by wildfires in years past.  Today the entire city of Laguna Beach is designated to be in the Wildland Urban Interface (W.U.I.)  otherwise known as “high fire severity zone”. These areas in California where humans and wildlife must coexist are bound by strict building and fire codes to ensure the safety of both. The California State Fire Marshal’s office publishes a handbook of building materials approved for these areas.

TimberSIL® is listed in the Cal Fire W.U.I. handbook as “Ignition Resistant”, this is the highest fire rating attainable in the state of California. The Ignition Resistant test is very difficult for most fire retardant products to pass because prior to the fire test they are put through an accelerated weathering process. The weathering test removes the surface coatings that most fire retardant product use. TimberSIL® on the other hand penetrates the wood and becomes a solid, that is insoluble, permanently protecting the wood from fire, rot and insects.

TimberSIL Glass Wood

Cal Fire Handbook – WUI Approved List

Pyramid Patio Cover – Los Angeles, CA

Isn’t this a magnificent trellis? I love the pyramid design.

This is our favorite TimberSIL project thus far, the beams and corbels were all custom made for this patio cover.  This patio cover was originally built 8 years ago,  and the support beams were made of 2×8’s glued together called a glue-lam beam. Unfortunately, after 8 short years outside, the beams rotted and the structure started to fall over.

Our client loved the design of this unique trellis and wanted to rebuild it with the same design, and after standing under the finished product I don’t blame him. The problem with rebuilding it the same way is that  every eight years the wood was going to need to be replaced because of rot. That’s were TimberSIL comes in.

He had heard our ads and knew TimberSIL wood does not rot. But could we get beams in such large sizes made in TimberSIL? He needed 8x14x22’ beams and they just do not exist in Southern Yellow Pine (the wood species we process). Well, the answer is YES! The saw mill did have to source and cut these beams from specially selected trees in order to mill such large beams, but we got it done and it came out great.

Pool Deck Substructure, Hollywood CA

TimberSIL Glass Wood was used for the substructure of this beautiful pool deck built on the roof of the new W Hotel located on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. The decking surface used is an exotic Brazilian hardwood called Ipe that is resistant to fire and rot because of its high density and it naturally contains crystalline silica. Ipe is the signature wood of the W Hotel and used in all their locations.

Originally, the entire deck structure was specified to be built out of Ipe, substructure and all, because all wood used on this project was required to be fire rated and be rot resistant. The contractors decided to use TimberSIL for a number of reasons. Fist, the cost, TimberSIL is less than 1/2 the price of Ipe. Second, TimberSIL is much lighter, easier to work with and safer to use than Ipe. Special precautions must be taken to ensure the worker safety when working with Ipe, this is not the case when working with the Non-Toxic TimberSIL. Ipe is also very hard on tools such as saws and drill bits, so using TimberSIL for the bulk of the job saved money on labor and equipment.

TimberSIL® wood Window Trim – Laguna Beach

TimberSIL® was used on this ocean front home in Laguna Beach, CA to replace old rotted window trim. This amazing property is a historic home and needed real wood to maintain the original look. Laguna Beach, is high fire hazard area and next to the ocean, this home needed wood that would not rot or burn… TimberSIL® was the answer.

*All the wood painted white in these photographs is TimberSIL® wood.

May Contractors Inc.
Laguna Beach, CA
(949) 715-7110

TimberSIL® featured in MSN Real Estate article

17 innovative ways to take the grunt work out of home maintenance

#10. Long-lasting, fire-resistant wood decks

Wood decks are gorgeous but eventually decay and must be replaced. A 2007 study on the life expectancy of building components by the National Association of Home Builders found that wood decks last about 20 years, in general — as long as 30 years in north-facing and dry areas, as few as 10 facing south. Also, in hot, dry, fire-prone regions, decks can be a fire hazard when wind-blown embers and ash are in the air. TimberSIL treated lumber was chosen by Environmental Building News as one of its top 10 GreenSpec products in 2004. TimberSIL ($2.25 to $2.50 a linear foot, compared with roughly $2.75 to $3.75 for top-quality composites and $1.50 for kiln-dried wood decking) “petrifies wood by treating it with silica,” creating a wood product that’s nontoxic, noncorrosive and a Class A fire retardant, says EBN editor Peter Yost. The manufacturer calls the stuff  “glass wood,” since the glass is infused into the spaces between the fibers in the wood, a Southern yellow pine. “You can have a raging fire and it just sits there and looks at you,” says TimberSIL representative Rick Dixon (view a test on YouTube). Maintenance is the same as with other wood decks, but TimberSIL is warrantied for 40 years against rot and decay. It should last three to four times longer than a conventional wood deck, Dixon says.