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TimberSIL Deck – Glendora, CA

Work in progress, a TimberSIL Fire Rated Deck built by Newave Construction. More pictures of this deck painted and finished coming soon…


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TimberSIL® Non-Toxic Marine Pilings

TimberSIL® is well known for its Class-A Fire Rated Glass-Wood Decking, known on the West Coast as “wood won’t burn”, but TimberSIL® processes much more than just deck boards. TimberSIL® processed Glass-Wood is available in most dimensional lumber sizes, such as 1×4, 1×6, 2×4 to 2×12, 4×4 to 4×12… up to 12×12 in lengths 8-20ft.

Non-Toxic TimberSIL® Poles and Piling are also available up to 38ft that can be used for marine applications in place of the environmental harmful treated wood poles and pilings currently installed.  To protect the wood fibers from being eaten by insects and fungi, Treated Wood, for years, have used toxic chemicals and heavy metal that leach out into the water . TimberSIL® Glass-Wood is put through a patented process that uses a non-toxic glass formula to protect the wood fibers.  TimberSIL® is the only wood protection process to ever receive the EPA’s approval as a Non-Toxic Barrier against insects.

Help Clean Up the Water… TimberSIL® Glass-Wood Poles & Pilings.

California: (866) Wood-551

Florida: (858) 385-3284

TimberSIL wood Deck Delivery for MacBeath Hardwood

Dropping a load of TimberSIL near Lke Isabella, CA
Dropping a load of TimberSIL near Lake Isabella, CA

MacBeath Hardwood in Paris, CA was the first lumber yard to purchase from TimberSIL California, selling a 700 square foot deck to a gentleman in Claraville , CA. Being in a High Fire Severity Zone this deck needed to be Class A Fire Rated, so TimberSIL was the best choice …..