Trends stress fire resistance – TimberSIL in the news

10:00 PM PDT on Sunday, May 17, 2009
Contributing Writer

The Big Bear Valley demands a lot from builders and businesses in related industries. Life here trudges on with a rustic charm haunted by the persistent threat of catastrophic fire….

…The vendors on hand mixed with residents who dropped by and compared notes with one another. About 30 area contractors were also on hand, lured in part by a city-organized workshop reviewing the new building codes. A handful of representatives were new additions to the event. One major draw was TimberSIL Distribution California, an area-based distributor of a glass-infused lumber product reputed to be resistant to fire, rot and insects and 50 percent stronger than traditional wood or composites.

Dozens of residents and fellow vendors seemed awed by the representatives’ claims, which included a recent Environmental Protection Agency seal of approval.

“We’re here because this is the highest fire-hazard area in California,” said Gary Chopic, the company’s president. “Our product is cost-effective and has superior performance on every front when compared to any other wood or composite materials out there, and it emits zero carbons.”…

…Representatives for TimberSIL, the high-tech wood distributor, are confident that their product will take off when fire-wary residents and builders learn they can virtually fire-proof structures with traditional wood, infused with retardant glass.”We are the clean, green solution to threats from fire, rot and bugs,” said company representative Matt Forsythe. “Now that we’re here, building with us is the only sensible choice.”


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